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Addiction Therapy

'From dependence to independence to interdependence'

Over the years 'addiction', 'addictive behaviour' and 'addict' have become 'bad' words; they can be a source of great shame and guilt, embarrassment and despair, heartache and pain. This is a major player in the breakdown of individuals, relationships, families and communities.

At In-Dependence, through our therapy we address this; we go beyond the 'label' and see the person, the thinking, feeling, human being. We provide insights, awareness, support, coping skills and in very many cases, hope. This is done in a safe, confidential space for the individual to openly and honestly look at what has been or is affecting their life. In sessions we aim to restore or establish and maintain control, balance and a healthier way of thinking, thus increasing the quality of lives. Today, 'addiction' infiltrates our lives in so many ways: it is about so much more than substances and alcohol. It affects our spending, relationship with food, gaming, sex and the list goes on.

We provide a cutting edge approach to treating addictive behaviours: we look at the individual, ascertain what their presenting issues are and personalise the sessions to meet their needs. We are strong advocates of true personal empowerment, through this client centred therapeutic approach.

Through individual one-to-one sessions, groups, family work, life coaching, recovery and aftercare planning, our eclectic, integrative approach produces results.