Photo of Carlos Daniels

Carlos F Daniels

Born and raised in the Bahamas, Carlos moved to the UK in his mid-20s to pursue a Bachelor's degree in business. He soon realised he wanted a more meaningful and rewarding career and decided to change direction. He subsequently went on to gain a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regents College, London. He also studied Art Therapy at City University (London).

A trainer, facilitator and corporate advisor, Carlos has worked in a variety of positions in the public and private sector in the UK. His work experience includes the Priory group and Cygnet Health Group, where he managed both Addiction Treatment Units/Programmes (ATU/ATP), Her Majesty's Young Offender's Institution (HMYOI), various charities, schools and the National Health Service (NHS). He recently managed the treatment programme at an exclusive treatment centre in Thailand.

A seasoned veteran in the addiction field, Carlos specialises in the management of addictive behaviours. He has vast experience in addressing a range of dependencies from drugs and alcohol to eating disorders, sex/love addiction, gambling and excessive spending and co-dependency. He has chosen to work using an eclectic/integrative approach, where he uses a combination of methodologies including psychodynamic, humanistic, 12-Step and cognitive behavioural principles. Carlos has a keen interest in working with stress and anxiety management, relapse prevention and aftercare.

Carlos works with the dual diagnosed, focusing primarily on addiction, personality disorders and depression. He works with individuals, groups and families with a wide range of presenting issues, including self-esteem, grief, abuse, trauma and relationship difficulties.

Carlos has private psychotherapy practices in the City of London, Surrey and Buckinghamshire, UK.