Welcome to In-Dependence

If any of the above is true for you or someone close to you, In-Dependence may be for you.

Addiction can be to any habit-forming activity from drugs or alcohol to gambling, eating, internet, shopping, compulsive cleaning or dysfunctional relationships. In-Dependence offers a tried and tested programme for addiction recovery. We draw insights from many sources including our clients' own knowledge. We create a safe space for you to work through difficult underlying issues such as trauma, loss or abuse. Our therapy enables you to see the relationship between your life experiences, your dependency and you. We also work with family members or friends affected by another's dependency.

While addiction offers "quick fix solutions", ways out of addiction are long-term and need consolidating over time. A therapeutic environment needs to be created before any healing of emotional damage can begin, so from the outset we seek to build a relationship of trust. Once trust is established, the tools we provide can be practised and internalised. Our approach can be applied to any behaviour that is addictive or compulsive.